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What You Don't Know by Bianca Sloane

The next time your doorbell rings,

will you answer it?

What You Don't Know by Bianca Sloane

"Bianca Sloane’s ability to plot and pace such a universally scary event was masterful. We were absolutely petrified reading [WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW]. . .”



What You Don't Know by Bianca Sloane
What You Don't Know
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 "It was pure joy to read and edit What You Don't Know by Bianca Sloane. Alternating between the violence unfolding at the Gilbert's and investigative interviews with their friends and family, Sloane transports us into a terrifying, brutal home invasion while constructing a brilliant plot that reads like an episode of  Dateline. I was mesmerized and petrified through every page. Masterful and gripping, this is a suspense novel that any

thriller lover will devour."
-Samantha M. Bailey, #1 bestselling author of  Woman on the Edge


"[What You Don't Know was] very hard to put down . . . Brilliant.” 


“You'll want to keep the lights on for this one! A suspense thriller that will keep you on your toes and a totally unputdownable read. The interviews every other chapter of law enforcement, neighbors and friends add a Dateline type feel which I loved! It was so cool and unique. Fast-paced and totally #Creeptastic. highly recommend this one. A big favorite of 2020!


“A good twisted thriller…”

-Novels N Latte Book Club

“The whole time you are wondering why these … people are out to get the Gilbert family and you will quickly turn the pages to find the answer.”



“Sloane creates complex characters within multi-layered plots that will have you flipping pages to the very end . . . [What You Don’t Know] is my first Bianca Sloane novel, but it certainly won’t be my last.”

-Cindy Reads & Writes


It’s Saturday morning. April Fool’s Day to be exact. Malcolm Gilbert is on his way to play golf. His wife, Blair, is headed to the hair salon.


That’s the plan anyway.


Then the doorbell rings.


And their nightmare begins.


For the next forty-eight hours, the Gilberts are at the mercy of sadists who unleash a seemingly unending campaign of terror against them.


But the question isn’t who would attack the Gilberts.


The question is why . . .




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