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Every Breath You Take by Bianca Sloane

How do you outrun a madman who's always one step ahead of you? 

"Will keep you up well past bedtime." 

- WiLoveBooks

Every Breath You Take by Bianca Sloane


Every Breath You Take by Bianca Sloane
Every Breath You Take
(click here to learn more about the companion novella, Missing you)


A twisted obsession. A maniac on a mission. A woman unknowingly inching closer into the clutches of catastrophe.

Natalie Scott leads a quiet life. She goes to work, she jogs, and spends time with her girlfriends.

However, what Natalie doesn't know is that every minute, someone's watching her. She doesn't know that every minute, a madman is hatching a sadistic plot against her, determined to own her body and soul.

And what Natalie Scott doesn't know just might kill her. . .


“The character buildup . . . is beyond perfection. Highly recommended.”

-San Francisco Book Review


"Once you start reading this book, you won’t want to stop."

-Ionia Martin, Readful Things


“. . . Will have you chewing your fingernails down to the quick. The author has a deftness for building suspense and tension, leaving you wondering what’s coming next.”







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