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And When I Die by Bianca Sloane

Is your friend really your enemy?

And When I Die by Bianca Sloane


And When I Die by Bianca Sloane
And When I Die


When a sixteen-year-old girl is murdered, fingers are pointed in every direction. But the killer is closer than anyone could have imagined…  


When pretty and popular Whitney Dean is brutally stabbed to death, there’s a slew of suspects: her former bestie, her current BFF, and the hunky new English teacher with the shady past.


As the investigation drags on with no arrests, dark secrets come to light leaving an entire town on edge, terrified of what might come next. 


Lurking behind the scenes is a killer with a twisted motive and disturbing past. And when the stunning truth is revealed, no one will see the astonishing final act coming.


For fans of Luckiest Girl Alive and Big Little Lies, And When I Die is a tense psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you question if your friend is really your enemy. . .

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